Online Trading Style – Doubter Timid

May 21, 2010

People with this trading style are skeptics and, often, worriers. Much of what others may take for granted they are not so sure about. They like to question what they hear and read and are not afraid to disagree with others. They like to have intellectual arguments with others, challenging their viewpoints.


They pride themselves on their critical thinking. Like obsessives, they aren’t afraid to go deeply into an area that captures their interest. They tend to be conservative in their politics, clothing, and the risks they will generally take in life, including how they invest their money. They have a healthy dose of mistrust for government and other institutions.

Kept in check, their healthy skepticism prevents them from being taken advantage of by salespeople, advertisers, con artists, and the mass media. But when taken too far, they may become overly suspicious or even paranoid, thinking others are out to take something from them or hurt them in some way.

Some with this doubting orientation become independent, creative thinkers. They are unafraid to think of things in a new light, and like to apply their insights to creative problem solving. They may become writers, artists, or musicians. Some may do innovative research, or develop new technologies.

Those who are the doubter-timid type tend to be cautious with strangers, and warm up to others slowly. They may make others repeatedly prove themselves before they let themselves trust them. They may prefer mental activities over physical ones.

When it comes to personal safety, they are careful not to take unnecessary chances. They are not the adventurous, risk-taking type.

Sky-diving, parachuting, bungee-jumping, and flying in small airplanes and extreme sports of all kinds are out of the question.

For them, adventure means risking getting lost by taking a new route to work. For amusement, it means sliding down a shoot feet first at a water park. They think they’re living on the wild side when they try a new restaurant without first reading any reviews of it.