eToro Review

eToro is forex trading company which was originally based in Cyprus since its launch it has now moved to the US.

The company became very popular once it was launched in 2006, as the features which the software provided were unique and useful for traders.

Another reason for its instant success is that any type of trader could use the software be a new trader or an experienced one, there was something there for everyone.

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Software & Graphics
The eToro software has been built to be as user friendly as possible, this a big difference when using other software. eToro has also made sure that users can try out the product before trading for real, this gives newbie the confidence of joining up to the full version. The software which is being run does not need to be installed as eToro has developed a web based platform, allowing users to access the software from anywhere in the world on any computer giving the user a lot of freedom.

For those who wish to carry the software around, a download version is also available. The graphics for the software is very child like and colourful. In the games you will find characters such as a farmer (US), sumo wrestler (Japanese Yen) and a European businessman (Euros) which represent the different currencies.
The graphics help visualise different trading options, these options can be found below in the Game Variety with a description of the game.

There are 4 different games which can be found on the eToro software, these games are a great way of showing users how the forex is working. The games are generally based on decisions which you make on whether a currency will be successful or not.

The four games are the following:

Forex Marathon : Pick a currency which you believe will rise and go against one which will go down, all displayed as a marathon with colourful animation.

Dollar Trend : This game is all about the US Dollar, here you must decide whether the currency will rise or fall compared to other currencies in the world.

Globe Trader : In this game you will be able to manage a trading portfolio and try and trade with other currencies around the world, this allows you to make relationships which can help predict whether the currency will rise or fall.

Forex Match : A nice little game which has very comical animation. You choose a currency which you believe will be successful and rise and then choose one which will do the opposite and fall. If you choose right then your currency will win the tug of war.

Bonuses & Promotions

Customer Support
Customer support provided by eToro is 24/7. There are a wide variety of ways which traders can find any useful information they want with tutorials provided on site as well a live training session provided through the telephone.

The customer support is also provided in a variety of different languages from English to Russian and Chinese. This helps the software to used by a variety of different traders around the world.

Deposit & Withdrawal Options
Currently eToro are accepting all deposits using the following methods
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