The Fear and Greed in Online Trading

May 12, 2010

Fear and greed are the yin and yang of Wall Street. They are the primary opposite and competing forces influencing investors. Yet, each also complements the other, creating a necessary balance that makes the market hum. They swirl inside each of us in an exquisite dance, playing upon the larger unfolding market drama.

We declared that “mind moves the market.” It is what we tell ourselves and what we feel related to the story we tell ourselves about interest rates, the economy, news events, or anything else influencing ..Read more..

Finland Bank says Euro fall due to greek crisis

March 23, 2010

According to the Bank of Finland, the current reason for the Euro fall in price is due to the Greek financial crisis.

The Bank of Finland continued to say that the Euro has been hit because of the risk of growing debt in certain European countries and the poor management of finances especially in Greece has led to the fall.

The Greek government has been unable to reduce the amount ..Read more..